Insatiable - Cari Quinn Another great feel-good (after angst) story from Ms. Quinn. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite themes, and in this one, they've been friends pretty much since the womb. Their parents are best friends. They're not too far apart in age. Their parents have sort of expected that they'd get together, but so far it hasn't happened. Back in their hormonal years, Rachel had a huge crush on Shawn, but Shawn didn't want to change their relationship. Plus he sort of wanted to sow his wild oats. He knew from way back that he loved her, but hey... he was your typical teenage boy... so Rachel compartmentalized Shawn into the strictly friends category.

But Rachel is going to New York to hopefully hook up with an ex-boyfriend. And Shawn can't stand by and just let that happen. Many fortuitous things happen (i.e. finding someone to take him to the Zenith party instead of crashing it on his own, actually figuring out Rachel's pseudonym in the hotel where she's staying, etc.), but ultimately a lot of it came down to him just knowing Rachel so well. For the most part. He made a couple of missteps along the way.

But I totally could not get into the balcony sex. I have major height issues myself, and so there they are, 18 floors above the ground, on a slim balcony railing, it's raining (hello, slick skin anyone?), she's leaning back!!! OMG my stomach was in my throat the whole time. I mean, I knew she wasn't going to fall, but it was the same feeling when I get close to the edge of the airport parking lot roof level, which has something like a four-foot high, two-foot thick wall around the end. I can't even get close to it. I realize logically it's not likely a huge wind is going to whisk me over the edge, but my brain isn't listening to logic at the time. So no, I was not digging the balcony sex. I'm glad they had fun. I didn't, lol! But I know that's my issue, so I'm not counting off for that, lol.

So of course there can't be a great story without some tension. I wanted to smack Rachel a couple of times because with how well Shawn knew her, she seemed to not know enough about him for it to occur to her that maybe she should step back and reevaluate why she thinks Shawn is doing this now. I half understood, but jeez... look at the man! He's DYING for you! Do you really think he's go through all this just for a quick vacation fling? Or for some family obligation??

Anyway... very sweet story with a nice HEA. Well... sort of. I mean it was an HEA, but one unexpected event turned it all quite somber. But there was an HEA, so I ended up happy!