Take This Man - Nona Raines My heart was breaking from the get-go on this one. And I'm not sure why I thought this was going to be a continuation of the first one... never dawned on me we'd get to find out what Adam's deal was.

This one starts out with Elyse slipping out of bed after having a threesome with Adam, who she loved and whom she thought loved her, and Jason, a guy they'd picked up at a bar. She takes off with Jason. Literally. He was in town visiting family, but lives some distance away. After the threesome, after Adam basically gave her away to another man, she feels like she has no reason to stay in town. Her plan is to just pack up and leave, but Jason somehow can sense what she plans, and he's not about to let her go out on her own. Especially when he can tell how upset she is. So she leaves town with Jason.

Two years later, Jason is coming back to town after his first love, a man, has told him he's divorcing the wife he left Jason to marry. Jason talks Elyse into coming with him, and right off the bat, Elyse runs into Adam. And they get into a huge public argument.

But Adam isn't about to just let her walk away this time. And Elyse isn't about to let him take her heart again. So it's a really big struggle, with push and pull, feelings hurt, hearts broken... like I said, my heart was breaking from the get-go and it didn't really stop until the end. So much pain in Adam... and so much pain in Elyse as well... from before they even laid eyes on one another.

And LOTS of sex. While they may say stupid things that hurt each other out of the sack, they were completely compatible in it.

I wish there'd been a little bit more resolution on the Don thing, but I'm not sure what could have happened differently and still been realistic.