Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) - Olivia Cunning This was sweet. It was nice to see Trey get his HEA, and I loved who he got it with. Both Reagan and Ethan were perfect for him and he for them. It was also nice to see how Trey sort of bridged the relationship between Reagan and Ethan. They'd been a pair until Reagan came home unexpectedly and found Ethan with a man in the shower. Ethan (and Trey) thought that meant Reagan wouldn't deal well with a bi-sexual man, but it turned out to be much more that he cheated on her. Even though it wasn't with a woman.

Anyway, my biggest peeve with this was that the series is out of order now. I'm not sure why this one was released before the two that were supposed to be before it, but I felt like I was missing out since there were a few couples already established in this one whose stories we haven't seen yet. Like I'd picked up a series mid-stream. It's a little unsettling.

But this was still a fun story, and like I said, I'm glad Trey got his HEA.