Dick Does Jane - Brynn Paulin Somewhere between 2 and 2.5. The heroine really pissed me off. At first, it was a nice sort of reunited love story. Dick and Jane dated for three months, but Jane felt like Dick couldn't give her what she needed (she likes rough sex), so on the night he asks her to move in, she breaks up with him. OK first off... they haven't even had sex, and he's asking her to move in with him after three months?? Um, ok. So... it turns out that Dick is really a Dom and every woman he's ever dated he's met through the lifestyle. He meets Jane by accident and mistakenly thinks he needs to hide his true nature from her. He realizes his mistake and sort of creates a ruse to get her back to his house to show Jane what he's really like. That's all fine and dandy.

Here's where I get pissed off. He takes her to meet his family -- meet his family -- and his brother says something about him being hurt several months previous and mentioned something about revenge. She decides this whole thing has been about him getting back at her for leaving him and he's going to humiliate her. WTF??? Who the fuck goes through ALL of this -- even professes love -- for revenge? I mean, the guy had collared her by now!! And it's revenge? She really freaking believes this?? ARGH!!! Stupid woman.

Beyond that, the couple of things that were sort of "off" was the mention of the receptionist in his office having a crush on him... nothing came of that. Who freaking cares? If she's not going to become a stalker or have some kind of role in future events, who cares if she's pissed off/upset that the good doctor has found a playmate? And then Jane had a horrid childhood... she used to cut herself. Now I've never cut myself, but it seems that someone has some deep-seated issues if they're cutting themselves. It just felt like that part of the story wasn't given the respect it should have received. I almost felt like it was sort of pooh-poohed. I guess it wasn't, but I don't know. I'm not sure how to describe it. It just bothered me.

So this isn't my first Brynn Paulin story, and it's not likely to be my last. Besides the issues I had above, I loved Dick and how he knew what to give Jane to make her happy. They were super hot together (when she wasn't pushing him away). Lots of chemistry.