Test Shot - Cari Quinn Cari Quinn, you made me cry! (Again.)

Which from an author's perspective, is probably a good thing, because it means I cared enough about the characters for them to affect me so deeply as to cry for them. And yup, that happened.

So we have Layla and Aidan, who have been together for four years and recently moved to New York from Nebraska. It had been a sort of spur-of-the-moment proposition from Aidan, but Layla would follow Aidan anywhere. Unfortunately, it feels to Layla like he's pulling away from her, yet not. He's not interested in having sex with her anymore, but he's more than willing to indulge her own sexual appetite by buying her sex toys and encouraging her to use them.

Layla is a junior agent at Hot Shots, an erotic talent agency. This could mean anything from suggestive pictures to outright porn. She has found Sawyer, an up-and-coming hottie, as a potential asset for the agency. He is also from Nebraska, so they already have that much in common. Aidan suggests, while screwing her with a dildo, that she ask him to come over to screw her while Aidan watches (he'd seen Sawyer's pictures and assumed Layla had gotten herself off to them). Layla would never cheat on Aidan, but the next time he brings it up, she gives in... for Aidan. They had been rather adventurous in their sex life, so Layla thought this was just another avenue to explore. And Sawyer is taken aback, but intrigued and attracted to Layla. So he accepts.

And as happens with things like this, feelings ultimately get involved. Aidan is hiding a very deep, dark secret, expecting that he can keep Layla while allowing her to have other men, whether that be Sawyer or someone else. As long as Layla doesn't leave Aidan, he'll be fine with whatever she wants to do with her body. But of course, Layla's not happy with the status quo. Which makes her really look at their relationship in a new light. And she figures out what Aidan had planned to keep hidden.

And I cried. I cried for Aidan. I cried for Layla. I cried for Sawyer. But mostly for Aidan I think. He was willing to give up any chance at happiness just to keep the facade of Layla... to keep his family's love and approval. And Layla hadn't had any idea.

So it was ultimately an HEA, but it took a bit of soul-searching to get there. I was very pleased with how it ended.

Oh... and of course this was very steamy. Layla and Sawyer were both smoking hot and sweet, sometimes at the same time. But them coming together was very explosive. As with Layla and Sawyer, I often forgot Aidan was in the room.