Christmas Cash - Maggie Casper A cute little short story. Still don't know why Noelle had to come home, but she's home for the holidays and needs money. Her best friend's family owns a bar, but Casey's brother, Cash, won't give Noelle a job. He'll give her an orgasm (which is confusing since they had nothing before), but not a job. So Noelle gets a job with a charity to get donations... and is ringing the bell directly across from the bar, which Cash lives above. And her outfit drives Cash crazy until he makes her cover up. They have this strange push-and-pull between them... well mainly on Cash's end. Noelle has always crushed on Cash, but since he's 10 years older and the same age as his sister, Noelle has always been off the menu. But she's not letting him get away with any shit this time. She plays him pretty well! And it works out for them.

Now, this is a really short story. Of course... it's a Quickie. So the declaration of love and marriage proposal after I think three days (maybe four?) was quite abrupt. Sweet, but unrealistic. Still, a bit steamy and enjoyable.