Control - Charlotte Stein OMG I just wrote this really long review and lost my internet connection. ARGH!

As an American reading this really British book, a "tank top" is what we Americans would call a sweater vest. Keep that in mind when reading, and you won't get confused when Gabriel wears a tank top with a button down shirt underneath to work at the bookstore. As I did.

This was a really sweet love story, but it took me a while to figure out where it was going. With Andy showing up periodically for a quick screw, the games she seemed to be playing with Gabriel... I just wasn't sure. But ultimately, it was a really sweet love story and a story about bringing a severely repressed man (who is apparently hung like a horse) out of his shell and into his sexuality. I'm not sure he'll ever be an alpha male (he craves for Madison to control him), but he was really very sweet.

I marked this as having editing issues, but this might be a British thing. Most of the time, I think punctuation is missing. In this one, I felt like there were too many commas. Example: "Maybe it was all the staring I did, at the curling many-coloured tattoos all over his heavy-looking arms." Or "I fill a niche, with my Wicked Words." I don't think either sentence needs the comma there, but it might just be a stylistic thing. I dunno.