Worth The Challenge - Karen  Erickson Awww, how sweet. We knew Rhett was reforming his playboy, irresponsible days from the last book. It was really nice to see him really care about the company and ultimately really care about the one woman who was perfect for him.

Rhett took on the project of creating a signature scent for Worth. He had contacted and thought he had a verbal agreement with a renowned perfumer, but when it came time to actually get to work on it, Michel Durand could not be reached. Fortuitously, his daughter, who had been trained as a perfumer but had no real experience, showed up to apologize for her father, and Rhett decided to offer her the position. It didn't hurt that Gabrielle was beautiful. Sparks were flying between them, but Rhett tried so hard to keep it professional. He didn't want to mess up their working relationship, and he needed her to create this scent.

So what better place to find the perfect scent than Hawaii? And what better place for defenses to crumble and love to build? And that's exactly what happened. They had great chemistry, though I find it a little unbelievable that they could give themselves so totally to each other and expect it to end when the Hawaiian excursion was over. But that's really what they thought.

And of course, things didn't go smoothly, and issues come up that keep them apart. But ultimately, it's a really sweet HEA. Plus, we got a surprise potentially fourth sibling, which makes me wonder if there's another book in the wings. I wouldn't mind. This has been a really sweet series.