Need Me - Cari Quinn So I feel like a really bad fangirl that this was out and I had no idea. I loved Provoke Me and was looking forward to future installments in the story. I guess I'm just not paying attention.

In this one, we have Marcia, who is Spencer's sister from Provoke Me. She's dating Tony, who is currently still working at the Nook, even though Spencer and Marcia have both left. But she sort of has this flirtation thing with Cade, his best friend.

Marcia doesn't think she's "forever" material. Partially because her previous marriage failed, and partially because she's pushing forty. And Tony is so young (her opinion) -- barely 30. She's sure he's going to wake up and realize that she's old and find someone new. But she's not giving Tony nearly enough credit. Or herself.

Marcia has been unemployed since leaving the book store. She's not really sure what she wants to do with her life now, and she's been living off of her savings, which is growing thin. She decides she wants to write a book on sex. It's something she's very interested in, she's been told she's good at it... win/win, right? And she decides she needs to visit Kink, the sex club, to get a broader perspective on what people really do. Which opens up an opportunity to have a threesome with Cade that Tony sets up. Marcia had sort of fantasized about that, but didn't think it would happen. She certainly wasn't going to ask for it, but if it's offered and both boys are on board? Why not?

On the one hand, the threesome ended up being everything Marcia expected, but it also shined a huge light on how she really felt about Tony and their relationship. Tony always knew, but it took a bit for Marcia to really get with the program. 100% all in.

I thought Tony and Cade acted more maturely than Marcia a lot of the time, lol, even though Marcia was the older of the three. But that's OK. It sort of made me love them a little bit that they could have these frank discussions with Marcia. :-) Tony was such a great guy, and while I'm not positive yet, I think Cade might be a great guy as well. Not that he was an ass in this one, but all interaction with him was sort of superficial. It'll be interesting to see in his book how he works out what they discovered in this book.

So, of course, I look forward to the next one. I couldn't tell if it would be Adam's book or Cade's book next because two more story lines started up alongside resolving this one. Either one, I'm game. Both will be good stories.