Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab, #3) - Karen Chance Holy.... did the Consul just do that? O...M... (big huge) F... G!!! What a great end to the story. As with many Karen Chance stories, it starts out a little slow. I found it difficult in this one to remember exactly where the last one left off and where we were picking up in this one. I always find it so interesting the line that Dory walks with the vampires. She's always so smart and logical about it, but I suppose part of that comes from being Mircea's child. Obviously, vampire is part of her, but by their laws, she should have been put down years ago. Yet Mircea wouldn't allow that to happen. I loved that she figured out in this one how much Mircea actually did for her a long time ago and how much he cared about her, even if there is never any real outward show of emotion between them. I'm trying to figure out if that's to protect her or himself, but I presume it's to protect her. I also find it funny that Dorina and Cassie still haven't truly met each other or know who the other is to Mircea, even though they crossed paths in this one. I wonder if we'll get some insight into Cassie's time at the Consul's in the next Cassie installment.

And of course, once it gets going, this is a total adrenaline ride like the others. I saw something recently from Charlaine Harris that said that Karen Chance writes great action scenes, and she absolutely does. I also liked the tender moments with Louis-Cesare. And I was glad Dorina and he could sort of come to some realization about each other and their feelings in this one. I suppose Louis-Cesare wasn't conflicted, but Dorina sure was for a long while. And I found her resistance to Louis-Cesare kind of admirable due to her reasons for it. She may feel like she's a horrible person for the things she's done, but her actions when it counts really shows what kind of person she is.

I wonder where we'll go from here. Obviously several things were set up in this one that could take the story further. I wonder if the Dorina and Cassie stories will eventually merge. It might make a huge book, but it would definitely be interesting.