Beyond the Highland Mist  - Karen Marie Moning, Phil Gigante So maybe my rating isn't quite fair. I started this after finishing the latest Outlander installment, and while Phil Gigante has a nice voice, he pales in comparison to Davina Porter. I really missed her Scottish brogue. And the story was good, and while I loved KMM's Fever series (and read those), I don't feel like the details compare to Outlander either. Though, like I said, maybe it's an unfair comparison. The reason I started this one is because I thought I was going to miss all the Scottish stories and lore, and this one's set in Scotland as well. It's also kinda funny, but this one seems SO short, lol! Then again, I'm comparing about 16 hours to over 40, so of course it feels shorter. It is! I'll continue with the series and try to give it a fair shake on its own merits, not comparing to Outlander. And now that I've "cleansed my palate", maybe that'll be easier. It was enjoyable -- I did like it -- just not nearly as much as Outlander or Fever.