Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Such a great continuation of the story. Such a dysfunctional relationship, and yet I feel these two people really need to be together. It almost feels codependent, but they both went through similar things in their youth and therefore have a unique perspective into the psyche of the other. Both have massive trust issues. Both feel possessive of each other. They have these explosive moments, whether it's lust or anger or jealousy or love.

I have to say that even while they were having issues, I loved how Eva stood up for Gideon. He seemingly gave her nothing to hang on to, yet she still retained her faith in him (after losing it for a bit). I was glad to finally know what happened to Gideon. We had an idea, and still really don't know who, but we know what now. And we know why his relationships with those he should be closest to are so damaged.

And now I have to wait for the next one, which I can imagine will be equally as good. Even though there were times I was thinking, "OMG, AGAIN?!" (and NOT about the sex, lol), it was still a very compelling story. Thank goodness the next one is just a few months away (as opposed to the year or more some authors make us wait).