Daniel's Surrender - Sierra Summers,  VJ Summers Aww, Daniel. I wasn't expecting as much m/m as was in this one, or maybe I wasn't expecting it so early. I figured Daniel joined Matthew and Shannon, but that's not what happened. It seemed to happen much more organically than that. I really enjoyed how Matthew poked the bear. He wasn't afraid of Daniel and he wasn't afraid of his feelings for Daniel. I liked how he just accepted those feelings, even though he'd only been mildly interested in a man or two in his past. But he also immediately recognized his attraction to Shannon. And when Shannon realized Daniel and Matthew were attracted to each other, she really liked that idea. While I half understand Daniel's reticence to make things more permanent, I wanted to smack him much of the time. The three of them seemed to have the perfect chemistry, and Daniel knew it, but was so sure he would screw it up. So it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. At least it wasn't unfixable. I really enjoyed the ending. I thought it was really sweet. I wonder if there will be more in this series since at Marcus and Carrie's wedding, Dorian seemed interested in Carrie's sister. I wouldn't mind reading more about this family.