Hot Ride - Kelly Jamieson I've said it before, but Ms. Jamieson really creates great characters.

We have Sera, a DEA agent with no undercover experience, and Ryan, an ATF agent, currently undercover going after a motorcyle gang. I loved how they met... how they were drawn to each other even before they had to work together. And I wanted to hurt Ryan when he disparaged Sera's lack of undercover experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? So now their respective cases have forced them together -- they are to "pretend" to be a couple to get closer to the gang members and learn more about the operation. And it seems such a hardship for them to pretend to be attracted (sarcasm, lol). I thought it was interesting, too, that the gang members treated them more like friends than the people in their real lives. I really liked that Ryan ended up experiencing what Sera had experienced, so he had a new appreciation for it. And I really liked that he didn't think she was crazy for admitting her secret to him. I also liked that Sera was strong and could take care of herself, yet she allowed herself to submit to Ryan. And that she recognized that she'd never submit for anyone but him. And Ryan respected her ability to take care of herself.

The story surrounding the Sera and Ryan couple story was interesting and kept me wondering what would happen until the end. The *one* thing is I want an epilogue!!! When I get wrapped up in the characters, I really want to know where they end up. If this was first in a series, I could have patience (sorta, lol) and wait to see how the story unfolds in the next one, but this one doesn't look like first in a series. Maybe it will be. Then I can be happy. :-) But I was happy with how this ended... I just wanted more.