Carrie's Answer (Corporate Affairs, #1) - Sierra Summers, V.J. Summers I read this as part of a series read for a Goodreads group. And I really enjoyed it! I thought it was going to start off with a bang when Marcus is arriving home on his anniversary, ready to have a threesome with his wife and best friend since his wife had asked for it. Marcus and Daniel had shared Karen a few times before Marcus and Karen married, and had shared women plenty of times before that. But Daniel had a thing about marital vows, so Marcus had to talk Daniel into it. Anyway, Marcus walks in to his house, expecting fireworks, but got fireworks of another kind -- his wife talking to Daniel, basically spilling all of her true feelings, which were the opposite of what Marcus had thought. He was crushed, and in the ensuing divorce, Karen dragged him and his family name through the mud.

Five years later, Marcus is just going through the motions of life. But when he spots his assistant of ten years, Carrie, in the BDSM club he co-owns, he flips a little bit, realizes his attraction for his assistant, and sends her home. Which pisses Carrie off to no end. After Karen outed Marcus's sexual proclivities to the world, Carrie had gotten interested in BDSM. And she's loved Marcus from afar. But now she thinks she will (a) never have him but can't bear to watch the stream of women in his life, and (b) never be able to explore this untested side of herself while she's in Marcus's employ, so she resigns. Marcus reacts by reminding her of the contract she's under, and offers her a way out by spending the weekend with him and submitting totally. So she agrees, thinking that at least she'll have the memories when the weekend is over. And the weekend goes better than either of them could have guessed.

I really liked how Daniel sort of forced Marcus's hand in his dealings with Carrie. Daniel saw both sides of the attraction, but Marcus had shut his heart off after what happened with Karen. Or at least his conscious mind shut it off. His subconscious obviously wanted Carrie. But I also loved how Carrie passed every test Marcus threw at her, even when she had no idea she was being tested. I loved how she submitted in the bedroom, but Marcus needed her to be the Carrie he'd always known outside the bedroom, and that Carrie helped Marcus to heal. And I loved that while what Karen did to Marcus had wounded his pride, what he thought Carrie did broke his heart. I was glad to ultimately see Marcus find happiness again, and Carrie to get what she longed for without losing herself in the process.

Great story. On to the next one, where Marcus's ice princess sister apparently thaws. There was a lot of alluding to the psychological number their father had done on her. I hope we'll find out more about it in the next one.