Girl Most Likely To - Barbara Elsborg I enjoyed this, though not as much as the other two stories I've read so far by Ms. Elsborg. It was still great, though.

This is the story of Wren, Tomas, and Adam. Adam and Wren had a quick but explosive tryst in Italy five years prior. They were separated in a crowd, and they didn't even know each other's names. But five years later, Adam is "forced" in vacation by his personal assistants. These assistants who Adam was secretly in lust with, but who were in love with each other and had just gotten married and were going on a honeymoon. So while they were gone, they made sure Adam had somewhere to go, too. They sent him to study languages for three weeks. Turns out, Wren is an instructor there, and neither can resist the pull of the other. Not that Adam tried. Wren was a huge regret in his life, and now that he'd found her again, he wouldn't let her go.

The apartment he was staying in was next door to Tomas. Tomas who is also bisexual and who immediately recognizes the attraction from Adam. But Tomas is working undercover and has to pretend to be a really bad guy. Tomas doesn't need distractions or for anyone to get mixed up with him, so he tries very hard to resist Adam. Tomas is faking an Albanian accent, and his boss wants him to go to the language school to try to get more information for him. So now we have Tomas, Wren and Adam all in the same place. And sparks they are a-flyin'.

One night, Adam learns that Wren translated erotic books, and her favorites involved two men and one woman. Which would be perfect for Adam since he's pretty sure he can't pick between men and women... he's already attracted to Tomas and is pretty sure Wren is, too. He knows Tomas is attracted to Wren. And of course there's chemistry between Adam and Wren. Seems like win/win, right? But after Wren sees Adam and Tomas kissing, she thinks she's out of the mix.

In the meantime, Wren has accidentally gotten herself wrapped up in what Tomas is supposed to be investigating. And trouble ensues.

Ultimately, it's a great HEA. Great, hot, urgent, lusty sex. And Ms. Elsborg has some great lines. I laughed out loud a couple of times.