Nobody's Perfect - Kallypso Masters I waited so long for Savi and Damian's story, and I was not disappointed. I got a first version, so there were editing issues, but I know the author is working on getting out a new clean copy.

I thought how Savi's and Damian's issues were handled was perfect. We didn't get any real sex between them until the end (though Savi had a few orgasms starting around 60% I think?), but I think to have put it in before where it was would have been unfaithful to the story and unrealistic. Savi had lived a horrible existence up to the point when she got pregnant. Even then, it was still very hard, though not nearly as bad as when she lived with her father. That Savi found Damian again when she needed him most was providence. And that Damian knew enough of her history to know he needed to treat her with kid gloves was helpful as well. And I think Savi and Mari gave Damian even more of a reason to fight his own demons.

I'm not a BDSM expert (not even close), but I felt like Damian's (and Adam's) recommendations and actions seemed logical, based on what she had been through. While Damian pushed Savi, it was never too far to where she felt threatened. She knew, deep down, that Damian would never hurt her, though it took a lot of internal dialogue to fight the inner dialogue that had been drilled in to her for years. I was very happy by the end of the story at the progress they'd made. And the epilogue was great. I loved that Damian let Savi go at her own pace, no matter how much his body wanted more.

The next story should be interesting. Cassie seems to be in a bubble like Savi was (though slightly different), so it'll be interesting to see how Luke brings her out of it.