Blushing Violet - Ann Mayburn Where are men like this? Only in Ms. Mayburn's imagination, I think sadly. On the one hand, what they did, keeping their association a secret from Violet, was a little underhanded, they didn't do it with nefarious intentions. When they started, who would have known she'd bloom with both of them? Or that they'd both grow to care for her equally? Or that she'd return their feelings to both of them?? But I loved that they wouldn't let Violet hide in her clothes anymore. I loved that they put her on a pedestal and that they never made a big deal of her going out with more than one man.

I was happy to see how much Violet grew personally as a result of her relationships with Carlos and Morgan. I loved how they helped her to feel stronger, walk taller, feel more confident. I absolutely loved when she clocked the bitch at work. ;-) I was surprised at how the secret was revealed, and my heart broke for all three of them. Because Violet's heart was breaking for one reason, but I knew she was so very wrong in what she thought. And the boys' hearts were breaking for an entirely different reason.

And I thought their apology was an awesome gesture. I'm glad she heard them out and it ended in an HEA. Very sweet, very sexy.