Damaged Goods - Lainey Reese Well, I think a lot of us waited a really long time for this one. I won't say it disappointed, but for me it wasn't as exciting as I remember the first one being. As with the first one, things moved very quickly, both in terms of the relationship as well as clearing up the case. But overall it was enjoyable. Probably closer to 3.5 than 3, but not enough to bump it up to a 4.

I really enjoyed how alpha Brice could get. I also really enjoy it when a man who thinks he'll be single forever finds "the one" and is figuratively brought to his knees as a result. I liked that he never really second guessed it either. He never wondered why he was falling so hard. It was just, Oh, yeah, I really do care a lot about her and don't think I can live without her now. Lol.

I thought the addition of Cade was kinda hot, but I kind of felt like Cade was a little bit overbearing on someone who is not his. I'm thinking we'll see Cade in the next one, potentially falling hard like Brice did this time.

The "wet room" scene did nothing for me. It just seemed a little juvenile. Not what they were doing, but it just felt like my sub is better than yours and I'm going to prove it. Whatever.

But the suspense part of the story was pretty well done. The author threw in enough doubt about different characters that it wouldn't have been a total stretch for someone else to have done it. But I did sort of pick up on the villian early on.

Even though I didn't like this one as much as the first, I'll still look for another one from this series if she writes another one in the series, or I'll look for others by the author.