One Knight in Brooklyn (1 Night Stand, #42) - Casea Major Well this was a darn cute story!! I wasn't sure what to expect. Often times I pick up books and forget what they are about. (Bad, bad Heather!) So I found this on my Kindle and read it. Not super short, but not long. And really sweet.

There's Marianne, who has not found what she's looking for in terms of a life partner. Her parents are totally in love and have been married 35 years. She's looking for someone she can have that with. She lives in Dallas, and she's super busy, so she doesn't have much opportunity to find good men, so she contacts a service to set her up with a "perfect match" for a one night stand.

She goes and meets Robert (strangely in a field outside of a castle when she walked into a regular hotel just a few minutes ago). Robert is gorgeous, but then he opens his mouth. He has a very thick New York accent, and Mare thinks he's a bit gauche as a result. She calls him Jersey to his face and Pauly D in her head. And of course Robert doesn't like the stereotype just because of his accent. But he soon proves he more than a pretty face and a strong New England accent.

They hit it off big time, but when the night is over, they can't find each other. Thankfully fate throws them a bone and it's really cute. I really enjoyed the story.