Good Cop, Bad Cop - Lily Harlem,  Natalie Dae This was another freebie from Lily Harlem, though we get the added benefit of Natalie Dae as a co-author. I haven't read her work. I might need to go find some. :-) This was good... a good amount of suspense and a great story of finding love, healing damaged souls, etc.

India Moore is a super popular country singer. She's touring America right now, but she's uneasy because she has a stalker. The stalker has promised to kill her. She's trying to play it cool, though knowing she's in danger. She's at a restaurant in Florida with her entourage, and she needs to go to the bathroom. She goes with her bodyguard, but her bodyguard is a male, so he doesn't go into the bathroom with her. Unfortunately, that's when her stalker wants to make his move. She escapes out the bathroom window, attempts to get back into the restaurant, but she's unnerved by the danger and can't get her wits about her. She ultimately finds a boat moored at the restaurant, the door is open, and she sneaks in and hides as best she can.

She wakes the next morning to one very pissed off man. Who happens to be a cop, but who has no idea who she is. His partner, Jose, clues him in, but that doesn't make Dillon happy. They're supposed to be on vacation, dammit! Once India has told them how she ended up on their boat, their protective instincts kick in. And their libidos. Big time.

I liked that India felt comfortable with them both enough to finally enjoy life for a bit. And I was glad with how she was able to heal the demons haunting Jose. I thought it was sweet that Dillon could care less who India is to everyone else... it only mattered who she was to him. And Jose.

My one complaint: Where is the lube??? When India inserted the butt plug into Dillon, the water running down isn't going to be enough lube. She didn't even spit on it... just slid it home. And then when he took her ass, again, no lube. He might have played with her bum in the past, but I just clench up myself when I see an anal scene with no lube, lol.

Generally, a sweet, sexy, enjoyable story.