Wicked Game - Scarlett Sanderson This was definitely longer than At Their Command... this one has Dominic, who was in At Their Command as Hope and Ethan's "third" for her one and only threesome. Dom is interested in Hope's friend, Ruth. This is very similar to At Their Command in that Dom is a "reformed" bad boy and Ruth is a bookish librarian, whereas Ethan was the bad boy and Hope was the university professor. Anyway, Dom overhears Ruth talking to Hope about Ruth's wish to be abducted. And Ruth has a thing for Dominic, too, even though she knows he was with her best friend. Dominic is very much into the Domination/submission aspects of BDSM. He's afraid Ruth can't handle what he desires, but when he hears her fantasy, it's game on.

He sort of "grooms" her for what he wants, always with the idea of the abduction in the back of his mind. He sends her toys. They have video chat sessions over the computer. They go on a date. It's all sort of to see how much she'll accept of what Dominic demands of her. It almost felt like a series of tests, and Ruth passes with flying colors.

It was hot in a sort of detached sense. They didn't actually get together for quite a while. He'd touch her, but she didn't see him naked until the end. It seemed a bit unfair, lol. I suppose the main reason I didn't like this story more, except the fact that they weren't really together through much of it, is because once they were finally together, it ended. Seriously... "I love you" and then The End (after a few more words). I really would have liked to see them grow more as a couple, once she finally got to see him nekkid.

I did like how much Dom cared for Ruth. I especially liked his aftercare at the end. A bit insta-love, but they'd been dancing around each other for months, so it wasn't totally crazy.