A Breath of Snow and Ashes  - Davina Porter, Diana Gabaldon Another great installment to the series. Of course, since these are so long, I think it would be impossible to really do a proper synopsis without giving a bunch away (or leaving a bunch out, lol), but I was really glad there were a couple of epilogues in this one, so we understood the differences in the newspaper clipping and also had an idea of what happened after Brianna and Roger and the kids went back through the stones. I wonder why Jamie can see it so clearly in his dreams?

I was also glad that a lot of "loose threads" got tied up in this one. A lot of times in previous books, something will happen and it doesn't seem like it ever comes to a real conclusion. But some came to a definite conclusion in this one. I was glad we learned what really happened with Malva. And Stephen Bonnet. I was glad that Brianna and William met. I was also glad to see what happened with Donner. And the gold. So much good stuff happened.

On to the next one, and then it sounds like I'll have to wait until 2013 for the next one. Sigh.