At Their Command - Scarlett Sanderson Since this was a Quickie (and it was super short), we jump right into the sex with this one. But I think the author does a pretty good job of describing the attraction between the two. We know they've been friends for a very long time. We know Hope has pined for Ethan since they were young, but Hope was the studious sort and Ethan was a bad boy and she would have never made a move on him. She moved away for a while, but she's back in town now, and Ethan believes it's time for them both to finally get what they want.

And while they're getting what they want, Ethan coaxes another one of Hope's fantasies from her: two men. And not just any two men. Ethan and his best friend Dominic. So, for Christmas, Ethan makes that happen for her.

Like I said, very short but sweet. I like friends-to-lovers, and this was a good one.