No Flowers Required - Cari Quinn I think I have a cavity, this was so sweet! But steamy at the same time.

Alexa was bequeathed a flower store from her mentor, Roz, upon her mentor's death. Before it became hers, she realized the store was under water. Way under water. But she didn't want to lose the thing that had meant so much to Roz, which isn't being made easier by the rise of Value Hardware down the street. They've added quick, inexpensive flower arrangements to their garden center, and because of the economy, people just aren't buying as much from Alexa's higher end shop. To save the store, she's sold her dream home and moved into a sort of run down apartment above the store.

After she moves in, she meets Dillon. He's fixing one of the apartments, and she has something she needs fixed, so she mentions it to him. There's an immediate attraction, but neither one is looking for a relationship, so they try to fight it. He learns she has a real aversion to Value Hardware, but doesn't know why. Her aversion is unfortunate, because his family owns Value Hardware. But he doesn't want to scare her off, so he keeps that to himself. Which of course bites him in the butt later.

There was lots of steamy, sweet sex in this one. It was sweet to see Alexa and Dillon gravitate toward each other even when they were trying (weakly) to keep things casual. That Dillon kept trying to help Alexa, both with her apartment and her business, was really great. And ultimately it was a really sweet HEA.

I always know I'm going to get a great, steamy, romantic story from Ms. Quinn. This was exactly that.