Sodom and the Phoenix - Ann Mayburn Damn, I really wish that VR resort existed!! Could you imagine -- any fantasy you have can be recreated in a virtual environment? You can come up with the perfect partner -- or allow another resort guest to participate. You don't even have to look like yourself while you're doing it!! Ah... only in Ann Mayburn's imagination I guess. For now.

This one starts with Tanwen arriving at the Sodom for a week's vacation. She's been divorced a few years, dated a couple of people, but it was nothing like what she was looking for. The dates would always ask "Is this good? Is this right?" She just wanted someone to take control of her for a while. She had married her ex-husband because she got pregnant at 17, so it's not like she's had a ton of varied experience, but she knew she did not want what her previous dates had been offering.

So the week she's going to the resort, she doesn't know there's a big BDSM convention going on at the same time. Her best friend, the one she'd gotten drunk with and confessed her desires to be mastered, had actually booked the trip and she knew exactly what she was getting Tanwen into. :-) Ah, good friends. :-) So, as Tanwen is attempting to check into the hotel, she meets Bryan. Bryan with the silver hair who has kept himself in very nice shape. Master Bryan who thinks, because pretty much the whole place is booked for the convention, Tanwen must be a sub. But she makes it very clear that she doesn't know about any of it and it makes her uncomfortable (even if that discomfort is a warm buzzing feeling in her girly bits area, lol).

So, Master Bryan sort of ensconces himself into her vacation and shows her lots about herself. She relishes in his attentions, but she allows what others say to color her expectations. Which grow despite her attempts to keep it all just sex. And while they're having great sex, they're not really getting to know each other, there's not much time to talk about other things. So they both make assumptions about each other. Lots of jumping to conclusions, but it's not like it was ridiculous thoughts.

One thing that I thought was AWESOME was Bryan's presentation. While it was sexy because of what was happening between Bryan and Tanwen, I thought it was wonderful that Bryan took a really difficult time in his life and turned it into a great educational piece.

Anyway, it ended in a really sweet HEA. Or I presume it will be an HEA. We don't get an epilogue, but I don't see it ending any way but happy. I really enjoyed Tanwen and Bryan as a couple. I like reading about older couples who find love again, especially when they're not expecting it.