Red Ribbon - Lila Dubois I got sucked into buying this by a blog post by the author. It was effective. ;-) So I figured I'd like this and I wasn't let down.

Liz is a venture capitalist. She has to be in control and make decisions in her work life, and she's suspected for a while that she really wants to be commanded in the bedroom. She dated a guy for a while, and she thought she'd marry him, but when he popped the question, she came clean about her sexual needs, and it broke up the relationship. She's a continual learner, so she's taken some "intro to BDSM" courses at a local community center. The beginning of the book shows her at a mixer of potential Doms/Dommes and subs. But she looks around her at what she thinks are sorry excuses for Doms and subs who seem to be willing to be doormats. Totally not her scene, so she leaves.

But in the parking lot, she comes across a guy she was friends with in college. Since they both know what's going on at the community center, it's obvious they're both into the lifestyle. Mark doesn't really want to go inside, so he invites her for coffee. Mark is a former NFL star who has trouble finding trustworthy subs who won't turn around and try to blackmail him. While having coffee, Mark says something about Liz being a Domme, which was an assumption based on how he remembered her take-charge attitude in college, and she quickly corrects his assumption. Since they know each other, were attracted to each other in college, she's looking for a Dom, and he's looking for a sub, they decide to take steps to play together. See if they're compatible in their desires. Turns out they work very well together. For the most part.

Liz is what I think one would call a bratty sub. To be fair, she's never been in a D/s relationship, but in my opinion, Mark probably should have corrected her more often. She was a bit mouthy at times. The fact that she was constantly disrupting his control should have been a clue to both of them that what they were doing was more than just sex, but they both resisted admitting it to themselves. Liz really had some serious issues with her own desires. I'm surprised she didn't flog herself in penance. She's lucky Mark was still willing to play with her after one episode. But I liked how they both sort of came back to each other, not that one person was chasing the other, and they were both willing to work toward what would work for them. And the necessary communication happened after both parties had been able to process their feelings or the other's actions.

Ultimately a nice HEA. I'm glad I got manipulated by the sales ad on her blog, lol! (Which was honestly a cute way to do it.)