Crux - Moira Rogers This was a group read or I might not have chosen it. It's PNR, and I've been moving away from that. This was very interesting, though. I thought it was interesting that there was this underground shifter/witch/magic-users society, but they didn't think vampires existed. Makes me wonder if they're going to pop up in a future installment of the series.

I can't imagine growing up thinking you're human and then this gorgeous guy shows up on your doorstep talking to you about shifters and destiny and babies and such. I'd have run just like Mackenzie did. And I really liked how Jackson sort of eased her into the idea of being a shifter. She still thought she was crazy, but Jackson wasn't trying to have babies that would save her race with her. She trusted him. And Nick, who suggested Jackson follow Mackenzie home to make sure she was safe. She wasn't. They'd have found her anywhere. Poor thing.

I really enjoyed the tension between Jackson and Mackenzie. Jackson sure was a strong dude to resist what Mackenzie threw at him both on purpose and as a biological response. But it was sweet when it ultimately did happen between them.

I might be interested to continue this series. I'm interested in why the panthers are dying out, who the second boy who was produced was, when/whether Nick's twin and her bodyguard will get together. When Nick and her crush will get together. Whether Charles really died or not. There was a lot of setup for more stories.