Misplaced Cowboy (Foreign Affairs, #2) - Mari Carr,  Lexxie Couper Awwww! So sweet. A bit insta-love (within five days??), but that's what happened.

In Misplaced Princess, Annie and Dylan got their signals crossed. Annie ended up in Australia with Dylan's identical twin (with whom she fell in love). Dylan ended up in New York with only Annie's address. Not even his bag, which Qantas lost. Luckily, he bumped into Annie's best friend and neighbor, Monet, not too long after he gets to Annie's, and is promptly turned away by the doorman. But Monet realizes who he is and brings him with her to set up her art show.

Sparks fly immediately, but they both keep trying to remind themselves that Dylan was in New York for Annie. Who neither of them can get in touch with. And then, an ex-boyfriend tries to make fun of Dylan and then makes offensive comments about Monet and Dylan punches him out. (The dude was a douche.) And Monet responds by kissing him. Sparks fly brighter.

But they're still both thinking about Annie. And trying desperately not to be so attracted to each other. Monet's trying to be a good friend and Dylan's trying to stay faithful to what Annie may be feeling for him. But it's darned hard to be good when they're so perfect for each other.

So anyway, it's lots of sexy build up, lots of pining, lots of guilt, ultimately some emotion-filled sex, and ultimately lots of happiness. But it takes a bit of sadness and despondence to get to the happy.

I really enjoyed both of these books. The authors did a great job of melding the authentic Australian with authentic American and both books worked.