Hammer It Home - Jayne Rylon This was a nice finish to the series. At least I think it's the finish. :-) I hadn't planned on reading this one because I always get so confused with so many people involved in the scenes. I didn't have that problem this time. In the first major scene, it was one girl and all the guys. I didn't lose track of who was doing what. Then the next scene I can remember was just a threesome really. With three more people looking on, granted, but only three involved in the sexing. The third scene (were there really only three?) was just a couple. With everyone else looking on. They're a very close group of friends, lol.

There also seemed to be a lot more story in this one, which I enjoyed. I didn't enjoy the angst... okay, I did, lol. Made the overall story more realistic. It just sucked wondering what was ultimately going to happen, how it would all work out. But it all worked for me. And it all worked out OK.

I also thought the introduction of the two new characters was a nice segue into a new series. It'll be interesting to see if any of the "crew" make an appearance in that one, since Joe and Eli are cousins. And heck, it was Joe who introduced Eli and Alanso to the potential of group sex.

So anyway, it was just a nice ending to the series.