The Diamond Club - Patricia Harkins-Bradley UPDATE 2 (8/17): I continued on and it had a train wreck quality about it. It's horrible, but I couldn't look away. And then it lost even that train wreck quality. I pushed myself to 37%, got extremely bored (and so tired of the WTF wording, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, idiocy, outlandishness, f/f -- methinks many of them have quite the fixation on that) and skipped to the end. Which was so freaking lame. I know their point was to create a book that had no semblance of story and they succeeded with aplomb. Bravo for the suckiest book I've ever read part of.

UPDATE (8/16): So I did try to read this book to alleviate the authors' concerns that I rated a book I hadn't read. I'm not sure I can make it through the whole thing. The rating stands. I read the first three chapters last night and it's just bad. Bad wording, bad editing (really bad), bad sex, just bad. This could be the first book I mark Did Not Finish. I'm wondering if the people who wrote this have ever had sex. I'm also more insulted than I was when I didn't have specific knowledge of the book. This is apparently how people think books in the genre read, and they're totally off base.

Original review:

I didn't read this book, but it's a crowd-sourced book created specifically to poke fun at the Fifty Shades trilogy (which I also haven't read) and/or the recent success of erotica in general. I'm just posting this so people realize this was not intended to be a real story, not intended to be good. It was just written to see how far they could get, and considering it was a bestseller on iTunes, they apparently got pretty far with it.

Here's a story about it:

Just posting so maybe people avoid buying and reading it and thinking people really write this way.