Who's Your Daddy? - Lauren Gallagher I do so enjoy a Lauren Gallagher story. And I do love a good menage.

In this one, we have Carmen, who married a douche and the divorced him once she realized it. She's been really good friends with Donovan and Isaac for a while, who are in a committed relationship. Donovan is bisexual. Isaac is not. Or at least he didn't realize he was. He'd been talking with Donovan about his curiosity about sex with women. (This seems so opposite of most "kinda bi" guys... normally they're straight and bi-curious about men.) They had even talked about potentially finding a girl to mess around with them. But the night they celebrate Carmen's divorce, they have lots of wine and secrets are spilled and they all end up in bed together. Since Carmen had been married and the boys were in a committed relationship (and they were drunk), nobody thought about protection. And guess what? Oops.

But when Carmen tells them the news, the guys are dumbstruck, but ultimately happy. And hey, since Carmen can't really date anyone right now, and they've already been together, you know... maybe they could be friends with benefits.

So that seems to be working out fine, except that all three of them start feeling strongly, and none of them know how to handle it. Carmen can't imagine they'd make a place for her, and the boys think they're betraying each other. It's complicated. There's a lot of avoidance, ultimately some (unnaturally) calm discussions... I've never seen people act they way they do in this book. I mean there was conflict, but they were always able to talk it through without there being yelling. It was bizarre, lol! It was so rational, but you know normal people don't do that.

There was a sort of side story about how horrible Donovan's father and Carmen's parents are. And then there's Donovan's son, Ryan, who was born when Donovan was seventeen... so now he's sixteen and giving attitude and father and son just don't really know how to talk to each other, but Donovan is hell bent against being like his father. Which I give him a lot of credit for. Plus, this whole baby thing isn't going over so well with Ryan, because it feels to Ryan like a "do as I say, not as I do" thing.

Anyhoo... things all work out into a nice HEA. Of course there was sex... LOTS of it. At times, I wondered how it even fit the scene or mentality of the characters. But it was always hot. And sometimes extremely sweet. Ultimately, a good story.