Tricked Truths - Beth Kery This is an older Beth Kery. Gotta love when an author has one of her characters screwing on the first page. :-) And Ms. Kery is very nice with the sex scenes, though admittedly this first one wasn't all that steamy. I suppose it wasn't supposed to be. The female was essentially just a hole for Trick.

I figured out one of the twists early on in the story. I was glad to see the fallout from that wasn't too bad. I didn't guess half of it, though. And I didn't guess the second twist either.

I can't believe Grace was so... not sure if complacent is the right word? Accommodating? She took everything Trick and everyone else in Everly threw at her. I almost think she's a saint with what she agreed to and how Trick treated her and how Evan set up her up to be the fall guy for so many things. And she never once betrayed Evan. Or anyone else, for that matter. I'm still not sure if she was a virgin when she and Trick finally had vaginal sex? It almost seemed like she had to be.

Ultimately, it was a sweet story. Hot sex (normal for a Kery story) and an HEA. Would have been cool to have an epilogue potentially with news of a baby from that first time. I often pay for Ms. Kery's stories, so a freebie is very nice for me.

One thing I was surprised about, however, was the editing. Maybe I'm just used to her more recent books, where if there are problems, I don't notice them. But "adulterous" for "adultress" and "reigns" for horse bridle reins... there were several more. I'm just not used to that kind of thing in a Beth Kery book. They were few and far between (thankfully), but still there and they pulled me from the story.