Convincing Quinn - Chloe Cole This was short, but sweet. Rex, Beau, and Quinn are in an indie rock band. They're on tour. They normally have two tour buses -- one for Quinn, one for Beau and Rex, but Quinn's bus broke down, so instead of shelling out the money for a new bus, she's been traveling with them. Several months ago, both Rex and Beau came clean with Quinn about their feelings for her, but Quinn didn't want to mess up a good thing with the band, and also she didn't think she'd be able to choose between them.

So now, staying with them on the bus, she sees how they are with groupies -- taking full advantage of their availability. And Quinn can hear it and she's jealous. But she can't really begrudge them the girls since she turned them down.

But one night, near the end of their tour, she can no longer stand to hear her guys pleasure another woman. So she steps in to join them. Just once, she says. They'll go back to bandmates in the morning. But the groupie is not down with having another girl involved, so she leaves. Leaving just Quinn, Rex, and Beau. And it's sweet and it's hot, but now Quinn is completely confused about where they go from here. She knows it can't just forget their night, but she's also realized she can't ever be with them both again.

She realizes she's in love with Rex, but only loves Beau as a friend. But she doesn't want to come between their friendship, and she doesn't see an alternative, so she thinks she needs to leave the band. She does leave in the morning to go stay in a hotel room -- take herself out of the mix. Beau realized during their night that Rex had a much stronger bond with Quinn than Beau did and basically told Rex to go for it. And he does, since Rex has known he's been in love with Quinn for a long time, and it ends well for them as a couple. Which was also sweet.

So we get an HEA which always makes me happy. But this was a Quickie, so very short, which often makes it difficult for me to really feel invested in the characters. So I enjoyed it, but it wasn't fantabulous.