Scored - Lily Harlem This was really cute. We have Nicky who is a sports journalist in a male-dominated occupation. Her boss decides to send he to cover the European Cup because he thinks she can get gossip and more non-competition related info about the team. She bristles at this request because she's trying to be a legitimate reporter and besides the fact that she doesn't want to gossip, she needs to be professional to be able to use this job as a stepping stone to a more fulfilling job. When she gets to Russia, there's been a mixup with the hotel room and she finds herself in the same hotel as the team. And even more fortuitous, she's across the hall from the team's captain, Lewis. Lewis, who she believes if off limits because he's dating a super model.

A couple of REALLY funny interactions occur between her and Lewis. In both cases I would have been completely mortified -- and she was -- but she really handled the situations with aplomb. And caught the romantic eye of Lewis, who is NOT dating anyone and is extremely interested in her. Which she can't believe. But they start this thing that Nicky thinks is temporary.

Lewis was such a great guy. I loved how he and Nicky interacted. I loved that he thought her flubs were cute. I loved how he moved all the boundaries so they could be together when it was necessary. I also loved that Nicky stuck to her guns and refused to write gossip about the team. And it was really a very sweet HEA.

There were a few editing issues... not sure if a few of them may have been an American vs. English idiom, but some where just outright wrong words. They did pull me out of the story enough to mention, but the story overall was a lot of fun.