The Siren  - Tiffany Reisz Sooooo.... totally not a book I would read on my own. This was a group read, though I'd see many of my friends had read it and enjoyed it.

The characters in this story were great. So real. The dialogue was great. The overall story... parts of it... were heartbreaking. I felt for Nora, trying so hard to get away from the only life she'd ever known, the only man she'd ever loved. Trying to build a life for herself away from him. And yet having him still be around, in the shadows, always keeping his finger on the pulse of her life. After reading, I have to wonder why she ever left Soren in the first place. Maybe that was part of another story?

And Zack. Broken Zack. Everyone in this book was broken in one way or another. But Nora was able to help Zack get back to a better place... rid himself of the guilt and all of the things that were keeping him from being really happy.

And Wes. Oh, Wes. Poor, tortured Wes. There was a part where Soren told Nora Wes was keeping secrets. Even though he divulged a big one to her, I'm not certain that's all there was. But maybe that was it. I really wish we'd had some closure on his story. I felt like he was the one left behind with really nothing to look forward to. And he was so sweet.

While I'm a little skittish about a Dom who is also a Catholic priest, I feel like he has everyone's best interests at heart. Even when he's inflicting pain on Nora, she craves it and he's giving it to her. But I have to wonder... was she groomed for it? I suppose maybe I could learn more if I read one of the "mini" stories that take place prior to this one or if I read Angel, since I understand we learn a lot more about Soren and King's early days in that book. I'm not sure if I'll read Angel. If someone tells me Wes is a part of it, and he gets his own resolution, I might. I'm also a little bit interested in where this goes.

What was interesting was that while this was erotica, I wouldn't call it steamy. And it's really not even a romance. Some of what could have been the hottest parts were fade-to-black. Which felt so odd to me considering much of the subject matter is what most people would consider taboo (sadism, masochism, a Catholic priest who is not only a sadist, but having sex with a woman). That's not to say there weren't explicit parts, but it's definitely not what I'm used to in what I normally read.

But it was very well written. I had to keep reading to see where it was going. And it made me think. There were so many profound statements made by so many different characters. And they were all good with turning a phrase. I was pleased to see that at least one part of the story ended in an HEA. Maybe two. But there was one part that I really wish hadn't been left hanging.