Marry Me - Karen Stivali I had high hopes for this halfway through, but then it ended on just an OK note.

Ben is the drummer in a hot band. Julia is the fashion designer who has been dressing him. They have a playful, flirtatious banter, but they both feel a spark between them. Julia is super cautious because her last boyfriend became controlling and beat her. Once. To her credit, she got away from him that first time and never looked back. But it's made her skittish. Ben married his high school sweetheart and lost her and their unborn child many years ago. He became a man whore after that -- he is a member of a hot touring band and had lots of offers that he indulged in. But once he met Julia, that all stopped.

So this is about Julia and Ben both learning to love again. But near the end, Ben does something that Julia feels is (a) controlling and (b) violent. And she runs, thinking this will turn out like her last relationship. She overreacted. Big time.

When I read the blurb, I thought the "controlling" bit was going to be a much bigger deal. Maybe because I've never had a boyfriend hit me, I can't possibly try to feel what Julia felt when she saw Ben lose control, but I don't think I'd cut him off entirely. Especially once I heard the story, I'd probably more understand why he lost control.

So anyway, it ended on an HEA, but I just felt like the conflict was completely blown out of proportion. I felt like it shouldn't have been as big of a deal as Julia apparently felt it was. It felt like her reaction was so unnaturally out of proportion to Ben's actions that it just didn't fit. But maybe that's just me.