Double Down - Katie Porter This was a group read or I might not have picked it. But it was enjoyable.

I had a hard time seeing Ryan's penchant for role playing as deviant. He thought it was the worst thing ever, but I suppose that was mostly because of his ex-fiancee who broke up with him when she realized he enjoyed that. I'm not even saying he liked dressing up as a woman or anything... he just enjoyed dressing the part and getting into character with the other person. His ex-fiancee thought it was horrible enough to throw away their entire relationship. Pretty harsh.

So Ryan is eating at a local steakhouse with two of his friends and their waitress is wearing stockings with a seam up the back. Ryan likey. And ends up talking Cass into going out with him. And what a night they have! Gambling on the Strip, then a visit to a sex toy shop where they have sex in the dressing room, then French maid/Air Force major sex in a hotel. And Cass truly got into her characters, which totally stoked Ryan. Until he'd realize how deviant it was and would shut down.

So Ryan and Cass's relationship continues building, but with very little role playing, which sort of bothers Cass. So she finds ways to insert it into their relationship. And Ryan wholeheartedly goes along with it until he shuts down again.

Ultimately, his resistance to this integral part of himself blows up in his face. The story does end in an HEA, but you wonder what feat Ryan will have to perform to get Cass to talk to him again. Turns out not much, which didn't feel natural to me. Seems like he'd have needed to grovel a bit more for Cass to pay attention, much less trust him again. But she did.

Anyway, we saw enough of his two friends that I wonder what will happen in their stories, so I may need to continue the series.