Double Dare - Lena Matthews This was the end of the trilogy, and while I enjoyed where everyone ended up, this particular story fell a little short of the others for me.

Again, we start in the same place as the other stories, at Shane's birthday party. Paige is being extra hard on Shane, but she feels like she has every right. He did, after all, blackmail her into attending the party.

Three years ago, as Shane was still recovering from a massive car accident, Paige decided to get away from her boyfriend and spend the weekend keeping Shane company at his parents' cabin. Paige and Shane bickered like they always did with each other, but it was always good-natured ribbing between them. Shane's family is super rich, so most people treated him with kid gloves, but not Paige. She gave as good as she got, which was a breath of fresh air for Shane. He was intrigued by her.

So because of the accident, Shane has nightmares. The first night Paige is there, he has one, and I guess his normal way of getting back to sleep is to rub one out while watching a porno. But the porno isn't even doing it for him. So he starts to fantasize about Paige. Not for the first time. And Paige basically walks in on him whacking off and saying her name.

They ultimately get down and dirty -- a lot -- until Shane says the very worst thing. I understand where he was coming from, but as with the first book, Paige's preconceived notions of where she fits in to everything made it easy for her to believe the worst. And, like the first book, she wouldn't give Shane the time of day to even try to explain.

So on the night of his birthday party, he blackmails her once again into coming out to the cabin so they can talk, he can explain himself.

It was touch and go... I really wondered if this one would eek out an HEA, but to my relief it did. And we got an epilogue on the other relationships in the group, too. So while this was a good wrap-up of the series, I just didn't feel the relationship in this one like I did the other two. I still enjoyed it though.