I Never - Lena Matthews This is the second in the series. We start off the story with the same scenario as the first book -- the group of friends from college getting together to celebrate one of the boys' birthdays. There are three relationships within the group, but they're all broken. The birthday boy has taken it upon himself to sort of prod everyone into fixing what's wrong. This story focuses on Skylar, Tripp, and Gideon. Tripp is a professional hockey player. Gideon is a poet as well as running his father's construction company. Skylar... I can't remember what she does, lol. She's sort of the Barbie doll with the huge heart, though I'm sure she had an actual job.

Throughout college, they all dated lots of other people, but Skylar always flirted with both Tripp and Gideon. A year ago, she finally made the decision to go for what she wanted -- both Tripp and Gideon in her bed. Upon finding Skylar had dumped her boyfriend, Tripp and Gideon argued over who would go after her and who would step aside, but neither wanted to yield. The three of them play a game of I Never. Skylar thinks she needs some liquid courage to tell them what she wants. Near the end of the game, it's discovered that Gideon has had fantasies about both Tripp and Skylar, which Tripp sort of wants nothing to do with. He's a professional hockey player, after all. It wouldn't be good for his image.

In going to make up a guest room for Skylar, Tripp passes out in his bed. When Skylar and Gideon find him, they just lay down with him. Or pass out, really. And in the middle of the night, they all get busy. All of them. Including a super hot scene with Tripp and Gideon. And then the boom lowers in the morning and Tripp says something he can't take back and Gideon can't forgive him for.

So now, at the party, Tripp has been miserable for the past year. Gideon and Skylar have been a couple. Tripp wants another chance, and this is his one and only opportunity.

I could totally understand why Gideon felt the way he did. My heart broke for Gideon especially in that "morning after" argument. I think Skylar was a little quick to let Tripp back in, though I don't think she did it with her full trust. And I liked how Tripp didn't really go full-force aggressive to get what he wanted. He knew he needed to play it cool but without just rolling over and accepting Gideon's resistance.

I was happy to see this end in an HEA, though I suppose I shouldn't have worried, lol. It's always HOW it will be an HEA as opposed to WHETHER. I do have to say that the sex after they got back together wasn't nearly as hot as that one scene with Tripp and Gideon. But it was still enjoyable.