Seven Minutes in Heaven (Naughty Games, Book One) - Lena Matthews I wasn't sure what to expect with this one. The ratings seem to be all over the place and a lot of them without explanation of good OR bad, but some of my GR friends liked it, so that was a good sign. I thought this was really cute. We have a group of friends who met in college and have been relatively close-knit ever since.

Two years ago, at Holden's housewarming party, one of the friends decided to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. A little high-school-y, but hey... these are 28-year-olds. Maybe it was just nostalgia. And it gave Holden the perfect opportunity to pretend he picked Bev so he could finally get his hands on her. Throughout college, she was a study fiend. She was in a tough program and she had scholarships she didn't want to lose, so she was very straight-laced and focused. And then after college, she was getting a start in her career and needed to focus. Holden understood this, so he watched her from afar. Now he thinks he can take this chance to turn their friendship into so much more. Unfortunately, one ill-timed comment, and she disappears from his life for two years. She believes he picked her out of some misplaced gesture of gallantry, to save her from being mortified when nobody picked her. Which, to be fair, he sort of implied, but she didn't let him say the rest of what he was going to say. It was much easier for her to believe what she wanted when it so easily fit her own self-image.

So it's two years later and Holden is tired of Bev avoiding him. They've gathered at Holden's house for one of the boys' birthdays, and since the birthday boy is wealthy AND he realizes there are problems with the group's dynamics, he purchases gifts for certain people to share. For Holden and Bev, it's a stopwatch (a hint to Seven Minutes in Heaven). The other groups get flustered with their gifts because they're not ready to face the implications and either storm off or chase the ones who stormed off, leaving Bev alone with Holden. And Holden acts perfectly to finally get through her thick skull. And it's very hot. And an HEA.

This was a freebie, but I think I want to continue this series. We got enough story on the other two relationships for me to want to know how they all got resolved.