The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon These books are so long and so much happens in them. I feel a little bit bad for Jamie, that he has to raise this militia to support the governor and therefore the King, when we all know that history shows what happens to English rule in America. And then OMG what happened to Roger. I was holding my breath until we found out what actually happened. And was so sad for all of them in the aftermath. And then Jamie's snake bite. I thought it was a brilliant idea to use the snake fangs to create a primitive version of a hypodermic needle to inject Claire's penicillin where it needed to go.

I am always in such awe of how much Jamie and Claire love each other and are so in tune with one another. And Roger and Brianna seem to be on their way to that as well. I think Roger is there. I think Brianna's run in with Stephen Bonnet broke a little something inside of her. Why, oh why, hasn't he died yet? He's like Jamie in how hard he is to kill!!

But the best part of this book for me was Ian is back!! We don't know exactly why, yet, but I'm so happy he's back.