Worth the Risk - Karen  Erickson Awww... another Worth boy falls hard. It's so fun to see the mighty fall, lol. I know it's a familiar theme in romance -- the man who swears no woman will ever hold his interest for the long haul -- but it's so much fun to see him fall so completely.

Hunter Worth is the second-in-command at Worth Luxury. He's the head of the marketing department. A few months ago, he enjoyed a few kisses with one of his employees, Gracie. Gracie grew up in foster homes and is truly a self-made girl, and she's been hurt in the past, so she never wants to let down the wall she built around her heart to protect herself. And she *really* doesn't want to relax herself around the yummy Hunter. Ultimately, they agree on a one-time-only sex thing, but neither one of them can really live up to it. Curiously, Hunter struggles with it so much harder than Gracie, although it's only because Gracie is better at pretending. She's completely befuddled by Hunter. She tries to keep her distance, but the more she back-peddles, the more Hunter advances.

Ultimately, life-and-death things happen, employee rumor things happen, and Hunter acknowledges what everyone around him already knows, and it all ends in a really sweet HEA. I can't wait to see how Rhett falls. He's the bad-boy youngest Worth brother. He's gonna fall hard!!