Wicked Burn - Beth Kery Wow... as with the other one I've read of Ms. Kery's, there was a LOT of sex in this one. At one point, I wondered if there would be a story along with it, only because the first part of it was almost exclusively sex. Not bad sex, mind you. Really good, scorching sex. But I wanted a story. And ultimately I got a really good one.

Vic and Niall are living in a high rise of temporary living spaces in Chicago. Vic because he only spends part of his time in the city, Niall because she's waiting for her condo to be finished. They've come across each other a couple of times in passing, and they've both felt a pull, but neither one really made an effort to get to know the other. Until one night, when Vic is sitting in his apartment and he hears Niall come home (they live across the hall from each other). Niall's date is becoming a bit handsy and Vic can tell Niall doesn't really want to have anything to do with it, so he breaks it up and basically forces the guy to leave. Then he invites Niall into his apartment and they get down and dirty. Really... almost immediately... after a bit of scotch. Which is a total relief to Niall because she really thought her body had died three years ago, but Vic brought her back to life for a time. And thus begins a delicate dance. And we find out that Vic is a very dominant man who has some baggage, some of it related to exactly how dominant he is.

They continue to find one another and indulge in their carnal needs while never really defining what's happening between them. And Niall doesn't really feel she can define anything or even ask for anything more because of her own situation, which is fed to the reader in teensy little morsels. And Vic, who has been hurt in the past, knows there's something Niall is holding back, something she won't share with him. Plus, he's a man of very few words, lol.

But once we find out everything, once Vic finds out everything, Niall can't deal with her guilt. Even though Vic gives her an opportunity to explain, Niall doesn't feel like she can. And Vic retreats into himself and his farm out of town.

My heart broke for this couple so many times throughout the story. Sometimes for Niall, sometimes for Vic. Once things looked to be resolved, something else would happen and I wondered how they would ever bridge the gap. Ultimately it ended in a HEA, but there was lots of angst along with lots of sex (again, very good sex, lol).

I wish there had been an epilogue. A baby really would have made the story come full circle for me.