Kept - Carolyn Faulkner I really had high hopes for this. It was a cute premise, and it started off well. At the same time, there was contradiction from the start. She wanted a sugar daddy, but then wouldn't take advantage of what Reed offered. That's actually a good thing because it shows she has scruples, but it was contrary to what a sugar daddy is, even contrary to what she originally said she wanted in a sugar daddy. I did love how Reed was so considerate of her feelings. He could have been a bastard, but he wasn't.

I had two main problems with this book. First, the formatting/editing. It was really hard sometimes to tell who was speaking without having read a bit further. Two people were speaking within the same paragraph without a clear indication that speaker had changed. There were several grammar/punctuation issues, but I honestly have no idea whether that's the author or the formatting.

The second problem I had was with how quickly it ended. While I felt the relationship was blossoming between them into something neither one expected, the 2-year anniversary declaration seemed almost out of place and then, bam -- it was done. I wanted more build up. I wanted more tension. I wanted to feel their love for each other. I wanted to see more sweetness between them. I kinda wanted her to decline his advances just once to see what would happen. And the spanking didn't sound nearly as erotic as it has in other stories I've read. I just sounded mean. Ultimately it just didn't do it for me.