Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec I don't think I have laughed so much reading a book EVER! Any author who can work Cornholio into a scene and it not seem stupid is comic genius. The reference fit perfectly and had me in a fit of hysteria. So freaking funny.

Claire's response to her unexpected pregnancy was great. She never wanted to be a parent, but it happened, so she was going to deal with it. And then when Gavin is born, it's no surprise he turns into a mini-Claire, personality-wise. Between Claire and all the funny, snarky people around her, that boy is bound to pick up some doozies and boy, does he. And then Carter. I can imagine his surprise first, at finally finding Claire again, and then second, discovering he's a father. I thought it was so sweet how badly he wanted to be around them and make up as much as possible for lost time. He freaked a little bit about the kid at first, but to be fair, it was a total shock. But Claire and Carter together was just perfect.

All of the secondary characters fit the story perfectly. They all got the spotlight at one time or another, even if it was just briefly for something funny to fly out of their mouths. (Or in Drew's case, his t-shirts. I want to know what all the rest of them say now, lol.)

I really wish there had been an epilogue, but then I guess we'll get more in the next one. Which I fully expect to be just as funny as the first. Though the author has set the bar very high, lol.

Two things that bothered me about this book. First, as often happens with self-pubbed authors, there are editing issues. These are pretty much constrained to misused words. Examples: me for my or peak for peek, burry for bury...things like that. They did pull me from the story, but then I was sucked right back in with the humor. [And BTW, I'm not talking about Jenny, whose slaughtered English was done on purpose. Well, by the author at least. :-)]

The second thing was the changing POV. The most jarring one was when Carter first appeared. When we start the book, it's in Claire's first person POV. Then Carter shows up, and while it's the beginning of a chapter, there's no clear indication this is a totally different set of people. It took me almost a full page to figure out we were no longer in Claire's head, and then I had to go back and reread from the beginning of the chapter to figure out whose head we were in. A couple of other times, it took me a few minutes to figure out the POV changed. A more obvious indication that POV is changing would have been very helpful.

Overall, though, this was a freaking funny story, a bit sexy at times, and very sweet.