Restraint (Mistress & Master of Restraint #1) - Erica Chilson This was a group read and before it became a group read, it was hyped a bit by I {heart} Bookie Nookie. And she generally has good taste. Plus, it was free, which was nice. :-)

This was darker than I thought it would be. I'm not sure I really knew what to expect going in. I didn't realize the main character had been raped, not based on the blurb. Her reliving it over and over was painful to read. I'm not saying that it was bad. It was definitely necessary to the story, and it evoked an emotional response from me, so the author definitely got her point across. In many scenes. I kind of didn't like Katya at first, because she seemed so cold, but then as the story progressed, more of her was revealed, and I came to somewhat understand her actions and personality.

Ezra and Cortez and Aaron were great. It was so strange, reading the story, with little bits being revealed at a time, to understand how they all fit together and how they fit with Katya. I read the two stories back-to-back, so what happened when may be a little hazy (was it the first book or the second?) but generally, I'm happy with where everyone ended up. I sort of guessed the situation early on, but it's OK because the rest of the story just rolled out in little bits and sometimes throwing curve balls, wondering if I was right or wrong.

While this book is explicit, it's not steamy, at least not for me. It's very raw sex. Some of it is emotional; a lot of it seems like it's merely for release.

At it's core, this is a happy story of people coming together to support each other. It's surrounded in a bunch of mystery and darkness and some sadness. But ultimately it was a very interesting story. Interesting enough for me to buy the second one to see where the heck it was going, lol.

My copy had lots of errors that pulled me out of the story frequently -- strange conventions in terms of continuing conversations with the same person... word usage... tenses changing... Unfortunately, my brain can't skip over those things. If it's just a couple times, not a big deal, but I felt like it happened a lot. BUT the story was still very good.