Unleashed (Mistress & Master of Restraint, #2) - Erica Chilson This second one was a really good story, a great continuation of the first. I was glad to see Aaron get settled with Kayla and for Cortez, Ezra, and Katya become more of a true trio. I thought Katya did amazingly well resisting Cortez and Ezra for so long based on their relationship status. It took long enough for them both to explain themselves! And I liked how Cortez and Katya would sort of work together to "manage" Ezra. I also liked that Katya embodied aspects of both Cortez and Ezra. And I liked that we saw more "sweet" Ezra in this one, instead of demanding, calculating Master Ez.

I figured out the "villain" early, but again, twists and turns in the story kept me wondering if I was right. I was glad to see well-deserved punishment on that one. And I was glad to see everything end on a happy note. Even Ray, who knew he had a problem, and then he turned a bad situation into a good one (or as good as it could be) for everyone involved.

The one thing I didn't quite "get" was Marcus's involvement... why he had to be Katya's Master. On the one hand, I understand... Katya really didn't submit to Cortez and/or Ezra. But not sure why they couldn't just exist as-is. Except that Marcus seemed quite selfish. I can't believe his kink is force and he would inflict that on a survivor of rape... or that she would LET him!! She was fantasizing about him pursuing her like Ray did! I don't get that. I hear there's possibly another story coming to explain his involvement or his "thing".

As with the first one, there were editing issues. I think this one was cleaner than the first, but there were a couple of times my brain just stopped... what was that? wait, back up... which then breaks up the flow of the story for me.