Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart This was a really hot story. In the first one, James, the tatted up dude, wormed his way into Tate's heart. And James has two single brothers, so we knew we'd get more stories. This one starts off with Christy, in a girls-night-in-tequila-stupor, swearing off relationships and in search of great sex. The way these women were talking about their sexual experiences totally cracked me up. And when Christy is making her declaration to the heavens, Cole, James's brother, happens by (the engagement ring she was trying to get rid of hit him in the head) and instantly knows he's the one to show her great sex. He's been avoiding her because she's too tempting and he doesn't do relationships, so being able to have sex with her without strings sounds like the perfect solution.

Besides, he has a requirement of his own. He needs someone to pretend to go out with so the women in the town will back off. Since James is getting married, the girls in town think the other two boys are now going to fall as well, but Cole has huge relationship issues. Win-win, right? Of course it's not that easy. What *is* easy is hanging out together, both in and out of bed. It's easy to talk to each other. Really easy to get into what looks an awful lot like a relationship. Which both of them are scared of... Christy because she knows she could fall so easily, Cole because he's certain he can never hold on to a woman so he'd rather not even have the chance.

So... I kept trying to tell myself to give Christy a break. Her eating issues started grating on my nerves. I'm actually surprised that Cole didn't book it when he first learned about them, lol. And not because she had them, but because of how she described them and went on and on about it. And I'm trying to be sympathetic. I honestly have never been through what she went through and I don't know anyone like that either. I can imagine it's a very real issue and something that's very serious and I give Christy credit for working through it, but man... it just felt like she harped on it all the time. And then Cole for his part, I can understand his relationship issues on the surface as well. And I can understand that it had to be scary as hell to realize this girl was getting under his skin and not being able to stop the train. I mean, it was GONNA happen, whether he was able to admit and accept it or not. But his fighting it broke my heart along with Christy's.

But of course we get an HEA. After a lot of misunderstandings and/or mis-/non-communication. I'm glad Cole's brother verbally slapped him upside the head. :-) And I'm glad Cole actually listened.

The sex between Christy and Cole was smoking... I tagged this with BDSM but mostly because he was so dominating and he liked to tie her up. Oh, and a smacked bum here and there. But that's sort of the extent of it. There was the climax-on-command thing, but I really think it was just convenient for her since she was already 99% of the way there, lol. There was definitely no withholding of climaxes!

I look forward to Max falling hard since he's such a playboy. :-)