Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy So this was sweet. I liked that Tamara was a strong woman, doing as much as she could to ensure her kids had a normal life even if their father had died. And I liked that Elec wasn't a tramp and he was drawn to Tamara even though maybe she didn't fit what a hot-shot driver of 26 would be attracted to. He could easily have taken advantage of women throwing themselves at him due to his profession, but it seems like he really didn't. One thing that got old early was her concern that he was too young for her. It's not like she attended that picnic and he was still in diapers. He's six years younger than her. Big deal! Granted, I suppose generally there's a big maturity difference between 32 and 26, but Elec sort of proved he wasn't a typical 26-year-old early on.

Anyway it was sweet. Not sure if I'll continue with the series, though I know a lot of people like them so maybe I'll try another. I was far from hating it, but I wasn't ga-ga over it either.